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The Paloheimo Foundation celebrates the unique history and culture of the United States and Finland,
while striving to enhance the ties between the two countries.


The purpose of the Paloheimo Foundation is to support and benefit those charitable and educational endeavors and organizations supported by Leonora and Yrjo Paloheimo during their lifetimes. The seven primary beneficiaries supported by the Paloheimos were The Paloheimo Charitable Trust, El Rancho De Las Golondrinas, Leonora & Yrjo Paloheimo Saatio, The Finlandia Foundation, Finlandia University, Autry Museum of the American West, and the School for Advanced Research.  The main focus of the Paloheimos’ lifetime giving was the preservation of certain real properties, structures, and tangible personal property of historical and cultural significance in the three communities where they maintained a home: Pasadena, California; Santa Fe, New Mexico; and Jaarvenpaa, Finland. 


The Paloheimo Charitable Trust located in Pasadena, California was established to

preserve for the Pasadena community various real and personal properties of historic and cultural interest.


El Rancho De Las Golondrinas is a living history museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico dedicated to the
history and culture of 18th and 19th century New Mexico.


The Leonora & Yrjo Paloheimo Saatio has worked to preserve for Jaarvenpaa, Finland and the
surrounding communities various real and personal properties of historic, cultural, and educational


The Finlandia Foundation works through its 50 chapters in 23 states to support and encourage
educational and cultural interaction between the United States and Finland.


Finlandia University located in Hancock, MI was founded by Finnish immigrants over 100 years ago.
Finlandia University offers two or four year degree programs.


Autry Museum of the American West was established to explore the art, history, and cultures of the
American West.


The School for Advanced Research is focused on the study of anthropology and related social sciences
with an emphasis on Native American scholars and artists.


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